Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spray Paintin'

This is some of the spray painting stuff I've been messing around with. Not that it's good or anything just a creative outlet and something to keep my hands busy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ok, so I'm also going to put things like...stuff I just feel like saying too or expressing without bothering others I know with the details you see here. I don't imagine anyone will read this so it's just for me.
OK, so I have a blog where I post blogly-like things, (for me that mainly means stuff about Japan and pictures and such from where I live). But his is just for my creative outlet. I felt bad putting my creative outburst onto my other blog because my family and friends are avaliable to read that. Not that I don't want them to read this. I just need to keep the clutter seperate. Creativity deserves it's own blog. So yeah, anyhoo. Here it is. BTW: I don't have a scanner which means the quality of stuff on here will be bad most likely. I may look into getting a scanner if I think I'll be here for awhile. Which I'm think yeah I will. BUUUUTTTttttt, I gotta save up and we'll see how it all rolls ya know. I'd like to stay in Japan for a couple years since I'm here. Which in that case I might as well invest in a scanner. Anyhoo. That's all. I really kinda want to make a book. It's my little secret. I say this as if I don't have a billion of these already.