Saturday, October 18, 2008


I'm making little goals and things for myself so that I can really get out of my rut of not getting things done that I want to do. I have a goal to keep making mini comics though. I have a ton of other little projects inbetween and what not but I'll get to more comics for sure. Despite that the poor people at the copier place down the street I'm sure hate me. I'm reminded everytime I have other people do work for me how anal and perfectionistic I am. The man at the copier would print me one then show it do me to see if it's ok. Needless to say on three different occations I got a rag and scrubbed down the dang glass on the machine myself. Honestly though If I'm gonna pay for it it better look good. It's my presentation and it represents me, only a handful of people will see this but I want to know it was a good representation of me ya know. Anyhoo they are very patient with me, despite my anal qualities and lack of Japanese. Whelp, this is my first official mini comic, actually bound up and ready. *Synically laughs* My BFA didn't even get that. *Hides in shame*.

Next on the goals:

-Draw persimmons and paint them
-Mock-up Mucha faux advertisment for Takada Sakura Matsuri 2009
-Another mini comic about Fall


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Matt Patton said...

Holy crap! Those covers are totally sweeet!